Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Don't Ever Say "Wrestling Is Fake" to Toru Yano (Or John Cena)

Photo Credit: Toru Yano
The G1 Climax Tournament is in full-swing right now, with one-third of the shows in the books by the time anyone reads this post. In a slate of shows as packed together as the G1 is, injuries are bound to happen. For example, Shinsuke Nakamura injured his elbow at some point this past weekend, and it was severe enough for him to miss this morning's card. Here's to a full recovery for the former IWGP Intercontinental Champion. However, the goriest, most grotesque injury was another one that hasn't cost any missed time yet, but man, if it didn't leave a nasty scar on Nakamura's CHAOS stablemate, Toru Yano.

The above-pictured scar came when three-time G1 Climax winner Hiroyoshi Tenzan hit Yano askew with a headbutt. Both guys apparently busted open, but Yano's wound was just a bit more severe. It didn't stop him from winning the match however, and ten stitches later, and he was able to live to tweet about. It doesn't take much to turn a work into a shoot, a couple inches here, or a slip-up there. Luckily, Yano was able to come out of it mostly intact. No matter who wins, he definitely has the most notable souvenir.

Of course, not to feel left out of the whole ordeal, one John Cena had to go and get his face rearranged as well. He took a knee from Seth Rollins in their United States Championship main event on RAW last night, and well, yeah:

Photo Credit: WWE.com

NOSES AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BEND THAT WAY, JOHN. In all seriousness, I hope Cena's alright after that collision with Rollins' knee. He may have lucked out with the broken nose, as if that sort of thing goes awry, it could lead to even worse injuries. Wrestling may be worked, but it's not fake in the least. Yano and Cena have the battle scars to show that.