Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Scenic City Invitational Tournament Project, Plus TICKETS

The first entry in the SCIT Project is Jimmy Rave Approved
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
The Scenic City Invitational has gotten quite the buzz around it thanks to grassroots movements to help get the word out. However, how much do people actually know about the entrants in the tournament? The known quantities - Gunner, Jimmy Rave, Caprice Coleman, Kongo Kong, and Moose - are all well-worn on the scene to some degree, but that leaves 11 wrestlers that aren't exactly household names even to the rabid subset of fans who follow the indies. Even so, how many people have seen Gunner outside of TNA? Or do people really know the width and breadth of the careers of guys like Rave and Coleman?

For those who are interested in the tourney but don't know much about the competitors, Dylan Hales, in conjunction with Free Wrestling, has set up the SCI Tournament Project. The page will compile matches from various competitors that are floating around free on YouTube in hopes of getting everyone more acclimated to the competitors. Only one match has been posted so far, one featuring Rave going up against Florida standout and part-time Gabe-land competitor Mike Cruz. Keep checking back, however, because it's not like the footage of competitors, especially guys like KT Hamill, Tank, and others who compete regularly for Empire Wrestling Entertainment and Deep Southern Championship Wrestling, is rare. YouTube is one of the major hubs for finding Georgia indie footage, and Hales knows where to look to find it.

Of course, if you're already sold on the event and want to get your tickets, well, they're on sale via the Empire Wrestling site. Right now, it looks as if only VIP packages and two-day passes are on sale. I'm guessing if you want single show tix, you'll have to get them at the door. Again, Empire is not booking this tourney at all, but it's staggeringly awesome how much help the administration is giving to the tourney planners. This promotion is one that deserves all your support, people.