Monday, August 31, 2015

Sasha Banks and Big E Rule You

By their powers combined...
Photos Credit:, Manipulation: TH
Big E's ownership of short-burst social media video has been well-documented for the ages. Sasha Banks has come onto the scene later, but she's taken to Twitter and Tumblr with the force and fury of a thousand suns. When their powers combine, well, the results are sublime. Check it after the jump:

Yes, they are riding a Segway shouting "BOOTY" while driving slooooooowly backstage at what I gather is the Amway Center in Orlando. Honestly, I expect nothing less from these two, which is why they need to be separated at once. They can't be trusted together, and I'm afraid they may seize control of the country, nay, the world? Wait, why would that be a bad thing? Fuck it. Dissolve Team BAD, let Banks run with the New Day, and count them dollar bills, son.