Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Three More King of Trios First Round Matches Announced

The BizCliz's match has been announced
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Three-quarters of the first round matches for King of Trios have been announced, and slots have been granted to last year's runners up, the marquee modern guests, and the remnants of the Germanic big bads from season nine. If you're behind on the times, the first three matches announced so far have the lads from Attack Pro Wrestling against the United Nations, the defending Champion Devastation Corporation vs. the Blue World Order, and Crown and Court meeting the Arcane Horde. Three more matches have been unveiled, one on Friday and two last night.

The first match announced on Friday placed the second of the British visitors in their match, and it will be an all-European affair. Team Fight Club, which features MK McKinnan and the team of Moustache Mountain - Tyler Bate and Trent Seven - will take on the BDK. While the Teutonic baddies are totally transformed from their peak strength, they're still a formidable trio. Soldier Ant is nigh invincible, N√łkken is a solid hunk of Norwegian reindeer meat, and Jakob Hammermeier has turned into quite the savvy ring general. I'm not too familiar with the Fight Club team, but they'll have to be hale and hearty in order to stand tall with the Euros.

The first of the matches announced Monday night is the opportunity Mike Quackenbush promised Kevin Condron upon his Battleborn's entry into the King of Trios tournament. Condron, "Juke Joint" Lucas Calhoun, and Missile! Assault! Man! will band together and try to pull off the upset on last year's finalists, Dasher's Dugout. Last year, the Dugout had a lot more gold to sport, but even though they've lost all their titles, they will still be a tough out. However, Condron has been craftily scoring wins and notching moral victories this year. He's got a plan, and the Dugout may just end up taking a disappointing early powder if they underestimate the ragtag rookies.

Finally, the Bullet Club's match was announced, and it could very well end up being the match of the night. AJ Styles and the Young Bucks will too sweet their ways into Easton to take the Battle Hive head on. Amasis, Worker Ant, and Fire Ant are three guys who have the guile to stand up to the cockiest sons of guns that New Japan Pro Wrestling has to offer. Even if they don't win, the match should be incredible.

Four other trios have yet to be placed, and they will be slotted tomorrow night on the next episode of Journey into Chikara: The Nightmare Warriors, The Snake Pit the Gentlemen's Club, and Team AAA. Bullet Club/Battle Hive can be surpassed on paper if Chikara does the right thing and books Team AAA against the Nightmare Warriors. However, any combination of those four teams should be crowd-pleasing to say the least. King of Trios' first night is shaping up to be a dope opening shot to one of the biggest and best wrestling weekends of the year.