Monday, September 14, 2015

Delilah Doom Levels Up

Photo Credit: Kelly Kyle/Texas Anarchy
Delilah Doom is the perkiest, most colorful, and least experienced of the New Movement, Chris Trew's current stable of wrestling excellence in Inspire Pro Wrestling. Her journey over the last year or so has been something to witness, especially in the last few months under the extreme duress of bullying from one Angelus Layne. Last night, at BattleWars II, the two had a hardcore battle for pride and glory, and Doom was up to the task, repaying Layne for her maniacal assaults, especially with this big bump:

Yep, she tossed Layne off the top to the floor through a table. I'm surprised a floating text box didn't appear above her head and say "DELILAH DOOM has grown to LEVEL [insert number here]." She's come a long way, going from squash fodder for seasoned-in-Japan Jessica James to slayer of invading death goddesses. Hopefully, she doesn't lose her spunk or her affection for 1980s fashion.