Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nikki Bella Taking Time Off

The unlikely ace of the Divas is out
Photo Credit: WWe.com
Last night on RAW, Brie Bella, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Paige all wrestled for the chance to take on Divas Champion Charlotte at Survivor Series. Notable by her absence in the match was Brie's sister Nikki, who has been for better or worse the face of WWE's female wrestlers since late last year. Her record-breaking Divas Championship reign was ended by Charlotte at Night of Champions, and she lost the rematch at Hell in a Cell. Still, the way WWE likes to beat dead horses, one would have figured she would have been the one in the four-way last night, not Brie. Well, Nikki had a reason for missing last night's RAW; she presumably got hurt.

She posted an update from what looks like a rehab facility on Twitter, but some have speculated she's taking time off in conjunction with her beau John Cena. To be fair, Bella has been reportedly battling nagging back injuries for a long time now. Either way, her hiatus is a huge blow to the women's division. Bella is either the best worker it has, or she's second to Sasha Banks right now. She was also the most effective heat magnet. Hopefully, RAW the last two weeks has not been an anomaly. The show feels like it's being better organized, which bodes well not just for the women but for everyone. But if it has been an anomaly, then losing Bella will hurt more than anyone is willing to let on.