Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I Want Your Submissions for Danielson Week

Come celebrate Bryan Danielson with us here at The Wrestling Blog!
Photo Credit: WWE.com
Bryan Danielson, or Daniel Bryan as he has been commonly known professionally for the last five-plus years, retired last night, and here at The Wrestling Blog, he was, to put it lightly, a big deal. Few wrestlers made as much of a mark on the industry after the year 2000 as the American Dragon, and thus, I want to celebrate the man, the myth, the legend properly, so next week on TWB is Danielson Week. Much like with prior themed-weeks (of which Danielson, along with Nigel McGuinness, had before!), we will celebrate the career of the American Dragon, from his beginnings in Shawn Michaels' school up through last night's tearful retirement ceremony.

In addition to the staff giving their thoughts, I want your submissions. Danielson meant more to the wrestling community at large than anyone else I can think of. so I obviously want your submissions, memories, videos, photos, you name it, I want it. Please send your submissions to tom DOT holzerman AT gmail DOT com. Thanks, and let us celebrate the career of one of the finest wrestlers ever to grace the earth with his presence together.