Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Wrestling Podcast, Vol. 2 Ep. 2: Jetta Rae

Is Hulk Hogan the root of all evil in pro wrestling? We talk about that this episode!
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Episode 2: True Trans Solie Rebel

The esteemed Jetta Rae swings by the podcast for the second episode. Despite the rampant technical errors and the super-abrupt ending, we have quite the stark but informative conversation mostly about gender and masculinity in wrestling. Jetta starts out by parsing the phrase "Well you know something" and how despite its normalcy is a completely pro wrestling phrase. Then, after getting into some classic wrestler impressions, I try to ask about Shane McMahon's return, only to have Jetta say that she's breaking up with WWE. She explains why, and then we talk about how wrestling has always been a great avenue for transgender people to live vicariously, even if promoters and wrestlers have been outwardly hostile to them. We then discuss the problems of toxic masculinity in wrestling, including the issues of abuse.

TW: Rape, domestic violence, head trauma

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