Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The 2016 TWB Tag Team Tournament Turmoil: Sweet 16

Two-thirds of TLC I are facing off against each other today. Vote!
Photo Credit: WWE.com
The second round has concluded in its entirety, and now, each of the rounds will be concluded in one day. This tourney will fly. However, I do need to run down the winners from yesterday, in the blockquote:
Dudley Boys, Edge and Christian, SteenErico, Hardy Boys, Young Bucks, New Day, Kings of Wrestling, Beer Money Inc.
And now, for today's matches!


No. 1 Rock 'n Roll Express

Hot-tagged their way over the Twin Towers, out-mulleted the Sheepherders

vs. No. 12 British Bulldogs
Had Matilda lick the Brisco Bros., stiffly kicked Demolition

No. 7 Hart Foundation
Excellently executed the Rockers, Hart-attacked the Midnight Express

vs. No. 6 Brainbusters/Four Horsemen
Busted up the Fabulous Ones, enforced the Freebirds


No. 1 Steiner Bros.

Steiner-lined the Quebecers, bulldogged the Eliminators

vs. No. 4 Harlem Heat
Slap-jacked the Miracle Violence Connection, came for the New Age Outlaws, n-word

No. 2 Road Warriors/Legion of Doom
Snacked on the danger that was Phil LaFon and Doug Furnas, dined on the death of the Outsiders

vs. No. 14 Hollywood Blondes
Ended Owen Hart and Yokozuna's brush with greatness, stunned the Natural Disasters


No. 1 Dudley Boys

Put MNM through tables, 3D'd Whitmer and Jacobs

vs. No. 4 Edge and Christian
Conchairto'd the Brothers of Destruction, totally reeked of awesomeness on the MCMGs

No. 15 SteenErico
Feuded past the Briscoes, busted the brains of the 2nd City Saints

vs. No. 3 Hardy Boys
Took Brian Kendrick and Paul London to the extreme, swanton-bombed the World's Greatest Tag Team


No. 1 Young Bucks

Superkicked War Machine, Meltzer Driver'd The Shield

vs. No. 13 New Day
Made reDRagon look like booty, unicorn stampeded the Osirian Portal

No. 7 Kings of Wrestling
Reigned over the Devastation Corporation, knocked the Addiction out

vs. No. 6 Beer Money, Inc.
Smashed bottles over Rhodes Boys heads, threw back on the Throwbacks

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