Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Wrestling Podcast, Vol. 2, Ep. 3: Jamie Girouard

We cover Young Simba's return to WWE and more
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Episode 3: Hakuna Matanza

This week, Jamie Girouard, the first patron to receive a guest episode on the podcast as a reward for donating, comes on the show to talk about the current state of wrestling in WWE mostly. We start off blabbing a bit about some financial stats posted by Keith Harris of Cageside Seats on Twitter yesterday before going into a lengthy chat about wrestling aesthetic. We then move into the problems Shane McMahon's return represent, the use of blood in wrestling, watering down stipulation matches, and the tired nature of authority figures as a crutch in wrestling. After Jamie disagrees with the idea of a political hit on Roman Reigns and Vince McMahon, we get into WWE's milquetoast at best and horrifying at worst creative department and turn to some other areas like quality control and road agents/producers. We examine NXT's problem building heels who actually get booed and examine some of WWE's face/heel dynamics on the whole. After taking a Twitter question we finish up with discussion about the TWB 100.

Okay, you're still going to Dropbox to download the show, so I haven't been able to afford hosting yet. That can change if you, yes, YOU donate to my Patreon, just like Jamie did. If you donate enough to get in the guest chair across the Zencastr from me, that's great. If you donate less than that, that's great too. Every little bit helps. Help me help you listen to my show more easily!

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