Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Wrestling Podcast, Vol. 2 Ep. 4: Courtney Rose

This week's guest did that paint job on Chris Hero!
Photo Credit: Courtney Rose
Episode 4: Tyler Black Submarines

Courtney Rose of various wrestling sites around this great world joins the Podcast this week. Her specialty is makeup, and we dive right in to discuss her facepaint work on Chris Hero for his match at AAW's Windy City Classic against Pentagón, Jr. We also discuss her various, wrestling-inspired makeup looks and which ones were the most challenging and her favorite work. We look at women in wrestling, especially Chyna, especially in regards to the WWE Hall of Fame now that the company will have an actual, physical house for it. Then we get into some TWB 100 chat, which leads into a little aside about WeeLC, and we finish up with questions from Twitter.

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