Monday, July 18, 2016

The Wrestling Podcast, Vol. 2, Ep. 13: Trey Irby

We discuss how Crews can get some momentum, dammit
Episode 13: The Brockelesnar Skank

This week's episode of the podcast welcomes Trey Irby to the fold. After some screwing around to kick off the show, we talk about the Cruiserweight Classic in depth, including how Ho Ho Lun built Chinese wrestling up from the ground and an imaginary recounting of TJ Perkins' early wrestling career. We then move into a smattering of topics about non-WWE promotions, including Ring of Honor's lack of buzz, TNA's surprising critical revival, and the state of wrestling labor in general. Trey laments Biff Busick's unfortunate name change and then asks me about the final days of WWE's version of ECW. We wonder how Apollo Crews could get some mojo, which leads into a big discussion of how to correctly consume WWE's product and how it books people, well or otherwise. We end on a Twitter question.

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