Monday, January 16, 2017

Jimmy Snuka Has Passed Away

Snuka has passed
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Jimmy Snuka passed away last night at the age of 73. Although no cause of death has been announced, he had been suffering from stomach cancer and other health issues. Snuka was best known as a WWE staple in the '80s, although he also worked in other territories. His biggest claim to infamy, however, may have been the alleged murder of Nancy Argentino in a motel room in Allentown, PA in 1983. Snuka never stood trial for the murder. Vince McMahon helped evade charges by convincing authorities Snuka couldn't speak English, and when the case was reopened last year, it ended with the judge throwing out the charges two weeks ago.

Several people will regale with tales of the cage splash at Madison Square Garden or the infamous coconut Piper's Pit, but in light of the grave injustice perpetrated by Snuka, McMahon, and the American legal system against Argentino and her family, it does not feel right to celebrate his life. Some will call it disrespectful, but where was the respect for Argentino's life when her death didn't even get the dignity of a fair trial held against the prime suspect in it? It's not even that Snuka didn't even serve time or pay money in a wrongful death suit; not a finger was lifted to examine his guilt or innocence in a court of law. So miss me with any shouts of needing to respect his life or career outside of paying respects to his family.

So, while I wish peace and comfort to his family and survivors, I can't say the same for Snuka himself, nor for those who helped him evade justice, like Vince McMahon. However, I will take this opportunity to wish for continued relief, comfort, and peace to Nancy Argentino and her family, especially now when no justice will be done in her alleged murder.