Friday, March 3, 2017

NXT In 60 Seconds

A shocking ending, had it been the ending
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Patrick Clark: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called my shoddy homage.
Full Sailors: [404 error: crowd reaction not found]
Sean Maluta: I got my own specialized Tron now!
Full Sailors: [404 error: crowd reaction not found]
Full Sailors: [404 error: crowd reaction not found]
Full Sailors: [404 error: crowd reaction not found]
Full Sailors: [404 error: crowd reaction not found]
Announcer: Your winner, Patrick Clark!
Full Sailors: ....huh?  Wha?  Wha hoppen?

Eric Young: Tye Dillinger is a disease. And we are the cure.
Robert Smith: how DARE you

Peyton Royce: Finally, my time --
Billie Kay: --OUR time --
Peyton: ...yes, our time has come.
Peyton: wrestles
Asuka: counters
Full Sailors: applaud respectfully
Asuka: wrestles
Peyton: counters
Full Sailors: applaud respectfully again
Peyton: Arm into the post!  Now I have control!
Asuka: starts yelling
Peyton: Don't I?
Asuka: yells louder
Peyton: B...but...
Asuka: Shining Wizard - CROCOP kick - FLYING Asuka Lock.  Buh-bye.

Billie: How dare you do that to my friend!  Australia powers, unite!  Into the post with her!
Ember Moon: sup y'all
Team Australia: oh COME ON, man gets whaled on and flees
Asuka: smiles at Ember
Ember: smiles at Asuka
Asuka: feigns walking away then comes back to hold up the belt in Ember's face
Nobody: smilin now

Master Regal: On the 15th, Kassius Ohno will face Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship.

Cheery WWE Voiceover: Next week, Shinsuke's back!

#DIY: We got a shot at this.  People are starting to win their title rematches around here now.
the Authors of Pain: rant in Samoan
Dash Wilder: Now?
Scott Dawson: Nah.
#DIY: Double Superman spear!  Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!  We got this!
Akam: catches Tomasso and sends him into the post
Tomasso: Back pain.  I now have back pain.
the Authors: stomp and drop a series of elbows to the back
Tomasso: Maybe I can fight my way out of
the Authors: splut him real good with the stomp version of Demolition Decapitation
Tomasso: I should stop having ideas.  Besides a last-ditch effort to tag out desperately!
Johnny: Here we go!  Tope!  Slingshot DDT!  We're backing them up: combo breaker!
Tomasso: Discus lariat!  Bridging Fujiwara!  And a--
Johnny: --let me help you out, man --
Tomasso: --thankyew -- TANDEM POWERBOMB! Impact Sandwich, Mr. Wrestling?
the Authors: Nope.  Now for a Super Collider.
#DIY: Now for our tandem submissions!
Dawson: ME, TOO
Wilder: Now?
Dawson: NOW.  swarm the ring, laying a member of both teams  out with the Shatter Machine Oh, would you look at that?  Hour's up.
Wilder: Top guys...
Dawson: OUT.