Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The 2016 TWB 100 Slow Release: Number Four

The Boss is your  number four wrestler of 2016
Photo Credit: WWE.com
4. Sasha Banks
Points: 5121
Number of Ballots: 62
Highest Vote: 2nd Place (Bob Godfrey, Elliot Imes)
Last Year’s Ranking: 1st Place

TH: On the surface, Sasha Banks took kind of a nosedive from her mammoth 2015, which should be expected, given her role and her propensity to get hurt. I mean, if I had to do lucha spots with Charlotte Flair as a base, I might not be in tip-top shape every week either. But I digress. The number of actual high-end matches she put work in on was lower than the year before, but the best ones, the Falls-Count-Anywhere vs. the aforementioned Flair especially, reached the same heights. She retained her fearless bumping and ruthless swagger from the year before, but the reason why she was further down my ballot was that the week-to-week results weren’t there. Still, The Boss had more than a few spots in 2016 to show that she’s one of WWE’s elite workers and will continue to be as long as her body cooperates with her.

Ryan Neely: I went back and re-watched some matches as I was writing this and the three month stretch between Mania and Battleground where Sasha Banks didn’t really do anything had completely slipped my mind. That said, I stand by putting her in my top five because I will always take an incredible peak, and that’s what her 2016 was. When they really let her go in a feud, and aren’t trying to protect her or have her act injured, Banks is incredible.

Elliot Imes: I'll admit that the matches with Charlotte Flair got tough to keep track of, but all of them were great and did a lot to push the Women's division forward. Banks was fierce (pun definitely intended) and fought like a warrior. Her bloodied mouth at Roadblock is an image that will stick with me for a very long time.

Photo Credit: WWE.com