Wednesday, April 26, 2017


smdh baseball going to flippy shit, no psychology
Photo Credit: Jeff Roberson/AP
Chris Coghlan is a former National League Rookie of the Year-turned-journeyman baseball player who has had trouble sticking to rosters over the last few years. Still, he's remained in the bigs for this long, so he's gotta have something to give a Major League roster. Last night, however, he showed he might have something to give a wrestling company as well...

I'd say he's already got a better tope suicida than Dean Ambrose, but that bar is embarrassingly low to be proud of clearing. Seriously though, with a little fine-tuning, he could be the next success story to go from another sport into wrestling. He just needs to learn how to tuck his head better so he doesn't break his neck the next time he decides to dive. Then again, that's what reputable wrestling schools are for. If by the time you read this the video has been taken down from YouTube, just click through here to MLB's site for video. I don't know why MLB refuses to let anyone embed from its site, but then again, it also cracked down on people sharing .gifs on Twitter, so I'm guessing it's not the savviest body when it comes to embracing sharing new media.