Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Braun Strowman's Return Is NIGH

Braun back?
Photo Credit: WWE.com
When Braun Strowman was announced as injured, the WWE-following wrestling world took a deep collective sigh. Out for six months? RAW would be devastated. Even though Finn Bálor, Bray Wyatt, Samoa Joe, and a host of other sub-main event players have done an admirable job holding the fort, the show has been missing something without everyone's favorite Tinder-using, Chipotle-eating, softball home run dad-having son of a gun terrorizing folks and roaring like a hungry grizzly bear. As the fates would have it, WWE worked the shit out of everyone with its bleak recovery time in an attempt to make his impending comeback look impressive, because, well, Strowman is about to come crashing back onto Monday nights. Pro Wrestling Spyware (linked from NoDQ dot com because I care about you and your computer) has reported that the big man has been cleared to return, perhaps even for a week now, and WWE officials are waiting for the right spot to insert him back into the narrative.

The report also claimed that Strowman was to take on Brock Lesnar in the main event of WWE Unchained Melody Great Balls of Fire. At the time of the injury, it felt like fate plunging the cold dagger of bad luck into the backs of wrestling fans who wanted to see that match, but as it turns out, things turned out okay. Samoa Joe vs. Lesnar is the main event for the last stop on the RAW train before SummerSlam, and it's both a match that makes a metric shit-ton of sense and fits better on an interstitial event than the Strowman match would. In fact now, Strowman/Lesnar should be penciled in as the SummerSlam main event, even though that would leave Roman Reigns dangling in the breeze. He's got a shorter term bone to pick with Strowman and a longer term one with Lesnar. So who the fuck knows anymore. He'll be making a "major announcement" regarding his SummerSlam status on RAW this coming Monday, so I expect clarity to come into the picture.

But back to Strowman, his presence on RAW will be welcome once it happens. Even if he just comes back to bulldoze random people in waiting for his big re-entrance into the main event narrative, well, it'll be fun. I'm not saying it'll happen, but if he needs something to do for WWE Whiter Shade of Pale, maybe he could be the one behind all those attacks on Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Strowman and The Revival vs. Amore, Cass, and The Big Show wouldn't be the worst sub-main event for a B brand exclusive pay-per-view dot dot dot

UPDATE: Ryan Satin has a correction to make from PWSpyware, shock of all shocks:So yeah, don't expect him to show up on RAW next week, and hell, his clearance probably won't come in time for the WWE A Boy Named Sue Great Balls of Fire, but again, he's close. Very, very close.