Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Your Midweek Links: Remember [REDACTED]

Read about why Ibushi is The Guy for the G1
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The Sun has risen, and you're rolling out of bed. You have an hour to kill before heading to work, and you're not the kind of person who makes eggs in the morning unless they're microwavable. You need something to read. Hark! It's Wednesday, so I have all the links you need to catch up on RIGHT HERE. Read!

Mauro Ranallo's back in WWE, and you can listen to him call tonight's NXT. Read why I think that's not necessarily a great thing in the grand scheme of things. [The Wrestling Blog]

Elliot reacted to the unveiling of the G1 Climax field by pretty much singing a paean to one Kota Ibushi. [The Wrestling Blog]

Ten years after the [REDACTED] murder-suicide, David Bixenspan finds pro wrestling still hasn't completely fixed itself despite it being the biggest "come to Jesus" moment possible. [Deadspin]

As if WWE didn't make enough mistakes with the James Ellsworth/Carmella Money in the Bank flap, Colette Arrand argues that it's representative of WWE's failings within the LGBTQ+ community. [Paste Magazine]

Khristen Wilson doesn't get the embarrassment from WWE over LaMelo Ball using the "n-word" on RAW when Vince McMahon once used it proudly himself. [Mass Appeal]

Austin Aries wrote a book about his veganism, and he shared some insights with Vaughn Johnson. [Philly Dot Com]

Ian Williams is far more bullish on Cody Rhodes than I am, and he argues that he's finally morphed into the wrestler everyone wanted him to be. [VICE Sports]

Quentin Moody has compiled a list of his 100 best matches of 2017 so far, halfway through the year. [Wrestling With Words]

Marc Madison checks in on the "one last match" trope and argues why it can be the most powerful storytelling tool in the box. [Camel Clutch Blog]

NON-WRESTLING #1: The Canadian Football League season has kicked off, and my man Rovitz tells you why you should be watching. [HOT SPROTS TAKES]

NON-WRESTLING #2: HBO announced a new prestige television series adaptation of the classic comic Watchmen. Elle Collins fantasy books the cast. [SyFy Wire]

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