Friday, April 30, 2010


Stern recap courtesy of PWTorch

Here's something funny. Hulk Hogan was on Howard Stern yesterday talking about various things from wrestling to the inane bullshit pervert questions Stern likes to ask. One of the topics to come up was the subject of TNA's Knockouts division, and Hogan apparently specifically named Torrie Wilson as someone he'd like to bring in. Well, apparently, Wilson caught wind of that and had this to say on her Facebook page:


Damn, that's as big a verbal smackdown as you can get without letting any kind of snark or snippiness creep into it. Hogan also responded to a Steve Austin tweet that said, well, you look for yourself:
Flair with the brassnucks to the balls...truly the dirtiest player in the game...still. Hogan to the ring...time to change the channel.
...yeah. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Still, Hogan responded with civility, saying he still wanted Austin to come to TNA and perhaps even wrestle him. Like that's happening. If Austin were going to work one more match, he'd probably opt for WrestleMania. On one hand, it's good to see that Hogan doesn't take the "burn every f'n bridge I can for people that even remotely cross me" path that his business associate Eric "TNA Superstar" Bischoff seems to be taking. On the other hand, his pandering to folks like Wilson and Austin come off as desperate, and it's not becoming of a guy trying to build competition to the monolithic WWE from the ground up. Eh, I guess it's good for comedy though.

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