Friday, February 3, 2012

Sugar Dunkerton to Leave Chikara for Time Being

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Godspeed, Sugar!
Via a Chikara blog

Sugar Dunkerton has left Chikara for an indefinite period of time. It didn't say what his actual wrestling status was, so I'm not sure whether this is a blanket "leaving wrestling" message or whether he just can't do Chikara for the time being. Either way, it sucks that Sugar is going away. He and Dasher Hatfield were among my favorite tag teams, if not my most favorite tag team out there in wrestling today. Maybe that's why Mr. Touchdown was coming in, not to make a trio, but to replace Sugar all along. Dang.

Either way, here's hoping that Sugar gets all his personal stuff sorted out and that when he's ready to come back, that everyone joins me in welcoming him back with the most open of arms.

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