Friday, April 29, 2011

Michelle McCool to Take a Break

If PWSpyware is to be believed, she's on her way out
Photo Credit:
WrestleZone via The Site That Shall Not Be Linked

So yeah, spoiler alert for Sunday, but Michelle McCool's apparently on her way out of WWE. PWInsider is reporting that the "Loser Leaves Smackdown" match between her and Layla will now be a true "loser leaves town" match, with McCool presumably putting her former in-character bestie over. The move is reported to free her up to stay at home and care for her ailing husband, The Undertaker.

Now, I pass this info along with skepticism because I don't see it anywhere else among reputable sites like the Torch or F4W, and remember, the last time PWI reported someone leaving the WWE? Yeah, they reported on three or four different occasions that a certain Chris Jericho appearance was going to be his last with the company, and there he was, on the show. So yeah, I think there needs to be a certain grain of salt taken with ANYTHING Insider reports. Either way though, it makes complete sense. She doesn't work house shows, she doesn't need the money, and hell, if I could stay at home to take care of my spouse, I would too.

I've ragged on McCool a lot over the last two years, but she's redeemed herself in character in the last six months. While LayCool started out as an annoying act (mainly because of the Piggie James stuff), when they were given less patently offensive material to work with, they were pretty good. Granted, I'm not as bummed about this as Batista leaving, and yeah, she'll almost certainly be back when Taker comes back, but still, it'll be interesting to see if Layla is still as good without McCool to play off of.

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