Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First Two Entrants to the Tournament for Tomorrow II Named

Last night, Beyond Wrestling started rolling out names for its second Tournament for Tomorrow. The first entrant was a familiar name to the Beyond roster, one who spent some time away from the company due to injuries and such...
via Beyond Wrestling Facebook

...Chris Dickinson. He made his Beyond comeback at Burst the Bubble in May, and he's been slowly integrating back into the scene on the whole. He was Team AIW's mystery fourth at Hell on Earth Friday as well. My exposure to him has been limited to his appearances on early EVOLVE cards, but I remember being impressed by him. Entrant number two represents the company Beyond just purchased...

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Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein

...Jessicka Havok. I'm slightly surprised that she was the first woman announced because I thought she'd be the grand finale, but she totally makes sense in this field. I am already jazzed for this tournament.