Monday, November 26, 2012

Instant Feedback: WRESTLING~!

Tonight, one of the last few dream matches of mine happened. Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio wrestled. It was really good.

It was also the third best match on the show.

That's how good the wrestling was on RAW tonight. Antonio Cesaro and Sheamus engaged in a certified HOSS FIGHT~! Zack Ryder and Damien Sandow had a neat little match. Hell, even Alberto del Rio did his best to make a match featuring the Great Khali seem like it was more than just fanservice for the Indian subcontinent.

But for how good the wrestling was, there was something inescapable with the things surrounding the wrestling, and it tied directly into the finish to what might have been the best match on the card tonight. Dolph Ziggler and John Cena went at it like they were closing the show on pay-per-view. It was gutty, well-paced, and hard-hitting even. There were great counters. Ziggler broke out a side-stunner and a leaping sit-out DDT. Hell, there was a huge bump into the steps, and Ziggler wasn't the one who took it either.

But the finish. They introduce EVERY angle continuation trope they could, and yet Cena still comes out and wins clean. How the fuck does that pass the smell test? Are these fucking writers lazy? Is it really a blessing in disguise that Vince McMahon wasn't there backstage to make them rewrite the show? If the endgame is a match at TLC, then what does this whole match serve?

But hey, at least the wrestling show had wrestling on it. Good wrestling.