Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mr. Azerbaijan Joins the Fray, and the First Two Tentative Matches Announced for National Pro Wrestling Day

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Lovelace, shown here headlocking Tripp Cassidy, will look to bring home some hardware from NPWD
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein

The beginnings of the card for National Pro Wrestling Day are beginning to take shape. Although nothing has been announced on the home page yet, two matches for the show have been unofficially made public via Twitter. The first will pit Juan Francisco de Coronado against Shynron in a war that will more than likely settle their score. Shynron has been a thorn in the Ecuadorian Elite's side for most of 2013. Most recently, the Spirit Dragon won Coronado's services as manservant after Coronado rudely and brusquely fired Herbert. The announcement seemed to come down via the official Twitter, and while no stipulation has been named for the match right now, the tone of the folks behind the event seems to indicate one will be forthcoming.

The second match, also strongly hinted at via the show's Twitter, will put Joe Pittman's La Copa Idolo on the line against Heidi Lovelace. The two have been going back and forth on Twitter, sniping like they're chomping at the bit to get at each others' throats. La Copa Idolo is the only title contested in Wrestling Is Heart, and oddly enough, Heart is the only Wrestling Is... promotion that is still ticking aside from Fun!

Finally, another name has been thrown into the fray for the event. Mr. Azerbaijan, the third member of the Polar Baron's Union to be announced, has been officially signed to appear at the Easton Funplex on February 1. With both his comrades signed and all three of the Baltic Siege announced to be there, will we see a trios match to settle their score, once and for all, go down? I certainly hope so, if I may speak as a fan.