Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 127: Brandon Stroud and Danielle Matheson (The NPWD Preview)

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Don't call him Francis OR late for National Pro Wrestling Day
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein

Episode 127: Thunder Frog Road

This week on the show, Brandon Stroud of With Leather and Danielle Matheson of the Mandible Claw stop by to preview National Pro Wrestling Day. We go through the entire card, from top to bottom, and peruse our interest in each match. Brandon breaks out the FMK (using PG terms) on the Baltic Siege, I get a lesson in how to speak Canadian from Danielle, and we choose our own [country] [adjective] [animal], Siege/Polar Baron's Union style wrestler name. Brandon describes his Republic of Doyle porno parody, and Danielle gets stars in her eyes about Eddie Kingston using the phone wrong. All in all though, we do our best to get you, yes, YOU pumped for National Pro Wrestling Day. Go there live or watch it streaming online FOR FREE. And also make a donation to Against Malaria.

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