Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Your Midweek Links: Indies, WWE's Sexism, and the Wells Report

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It's hump day, so here are some links to get you through the rest of the week:

Wrestling Links:

- The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 130: Andrew Rosin [The Return of the Giant Henry O. Godwinn-weed]

- The joy of indie wrestling [Voices of Wrestling]

- The Best and Worst of RAW: Hard Fart Matches [With Leather]

- Facts on Naomi's injury, the Divas, and women in WWE [The Only Way Is Suplex]

- 7 Things: Favorite Rivalries [Wrestling on Earth]

- The Ten Count: Black Tag Teams [Old School Jabronis]

- Elimination Chamber by the numbers [Voices of Wrestling]

Non-Wrestling Links:

- The non-scientist's guide to why nuclear fusion is important [Gamma Squad]

- The NHL needs to stop being so cowardly about the shootout and adopt the "TJ Oshie rule" [Puck Daddy]

- Why it's not okay to use the word "rape" for anything else [Groupthink]

- "Love the sinner, hate the sin" [TH's House of Random]

- Why non-assholes always want to prove themselves to assholes [Deadspin]

- The Wells Report proves the NFL needs real change [Sports on Earth]

- Texas sportscaster defends Michael Sam in this epic report [Warming Glow]

- How Sports Illustrated botched the Michael Sam story [Deadspin]

- You could get a delay of game for going too fast in 2014 [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

- A list of NCAA rules that are just as likely to be made as the ten-second substitution thing [Campus Union]

- Why Colin Kaepernick is just as "cerebral" as Peyton Manning [Deadspin]

- Five vitamins and supplements actually worth taking [The Smithsonian]

- Taco Bell will start taking orders via smartphone app later this year [The Verge]

- Cookin' ATVS Style: Smoked Onion Chipotle Barbecue Sauce [And the Valley Shook]

- How to make a simple goddamn grilled cheese sandwich [Foodspin]

- Matt Groening's favorite ten Simpsons episodes [Warming Glow]

- Pixar's Josh Cooley makes R-Rated films into kids' books [UPROXX]

- The new RoboCop is what the original RoboCop meant to kill [Gawker]

- A journey through bootleg Pokemon games [Kotaku]