Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Couple of Major Injuries Befalling Cool Women Wrestlers

Get well soon, Angelus!
Photo via Ms. Layne herself
The curse of the WSU top contender has struck again, as Ring Belles has reported what has been sort of known for the last couple of weeks but kept on the down low for various reasons. Mickie Knuckles, the unquestioned star of WSU's secret shows in 2014 and number one contender to LuFisto's Championship at Uncensored Rumble, needs to have surgery on her ankle. She suffered a spiral break in the lower part of her leg. She didn't place the time of the injury, but several people noticed her with a walking cast on her leg prior to her three-matches-in-one-night performance at King and Queen of the Ring. No one can ever accuse her of not being absolutely and supremely tough to work on such a painful injury. She'll miss a few dates, but she promises to be back in the ring by June 13 to defend her Resistance Pro Women's Championship.

In other injury news, the Veda Scott/Athena match at Inspire Pro Wrestling (which, reported by the folks at Voices of Wrestling contained Scott getting shaken up during the match herself, sheesh) was supposed to be a three-way dance featuring Angelus Layne. The sparkplug missed the date because she broke both of her wrists at IWA Mid-South on Thursday. I don't know what I'd do with myself if I ever broke both of my wrists, and no, that statement isn't a thinly veiled reference to feats of onanism, thank you very much. She hopes to be back in action by the end of June, which is good since she is the sixth competitor announced for the ACW Queen of Queens Tournament.

Speaking of Inspire Pro, the company announced that it was joining the ranks of the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest governing body for wrestling in the world. The NWA has accumulated a LOT of affiliates in the great state of Texas, and hopefully, that affiliation will mean more high profile title defenses like Barbi Hayden putting her Women's Championship on the line against Portia Perez. Say what you want about the relevance of the NWA, and believe me, I've written a lot of disparaging words over the years about it, but people people still seem to flock to that name. Joining up with promotions like Inspire Pro should mean nothing but good things.