Tuesday, May 27, 2014

BO-nus Footage

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Bo Dallas made his debut on Smackdown last week, but as with anything that happened on the B-show, WWE is sure to present it again on RAW, sometimes with nothing changed, because even the braintrust in the company know that no one important watches Smackdown. My only regret is that his match with Sin Cara last night didn't get nearly enough time to develop. Yeah, part of it lies in the fact that ever since Hunico took the mask full-time, he's been killing it, but man, Dallas has a real chance to connect with the crowd if he's allowed to really revel in his shtick. I know the standard mantra for NXT-to-WWE gimmicks is "not able to get over in a bigger room," but if Dallas doesn't get popular (or super hated), then it's not going to be his fault. He's money.