Monday, June 2, 2014

It's Official, Metro Pro's Returning to Television

ACH will be back on Metro Pro TV
Photo Credit: Kelly Kyle/Texas Anarchy
Metro Pro Wrestling's return card at the Turner Rec Hall in Kansas City, KS happens in two weeks. The company upped the ante substantially with the following announcement on its Twitter page:
Huge, huge news. Hopefully, the promotion will follow suit for its televised run before hiatus and put all the episodes on YouTube. Metro Pro was always good for a nice chunk of wrestling and story, an alternative to the big box shows. The card has been completely announced, and is highlighted by Jeremy Wyatt defending the Metro Pro Championship against Ace Steel, the third Second City Saint and trainer of the other two (Colt Cabana and CM Punk, obvs). ACH will defend the Central States Championship against Mark Sterling. Since Metro Pro withdrew from the National Wrestling Alliance, the belt doesn't have the NWA affiliation anymore. I wonder if it will come under the blanket of the United Wrestling Network.

Also scheduled to appear are The Hooligans, SBC, Cobra Kai Dojo (or the Sex Bob-Ombs if you will), the Commission (or the Submission Squad if you're nasty), Mike Sydal, Dan Walsh, and Stevie Richards. And of course, the proceedings will be kicked off by Wrestless, the documentary shot and made about the promotion last year. However, television is the big news. I am beyond thrilled that the crew is back. When it left, Metro Pro left a huge void in the indie wrestling community. For the time being, it is rectified.