Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Best Moves Ever: Curbstomp

The scariest scene I saw in a movie ever wasn't in a horror film. I don't watch a whole bunch of horror anyway. It was in American History X, when Edward Norton's character, fresh of having sex with Fairuza Balk underneath a giant swastika flag, ventured outside to confront some rivals. A fracas ensues, and Norton ends up putting one guys face on the curb with his mouth open and biting said curb before stomping the back of his head. It is one of the hardest-to-watch scenes in cinematic history for its brutality and savagery. So naturally, people in wrestling wanted to port that kind of raw fury into a worked setting. Cheerleader Melissa's variant on the move is far easier to watch (and more entertaining too!) than Norton's.