Thursday, August 21, 2014

Help Kamala Tell His Story

Mock-up via the Facebook page
Facebook Page!

Earlier this morning, Scott recapped the latest family-friendly episode of the Steve Austin Show featuring James Harris, better known as Kamala. Well, Harris is making the rounds right now because he's trying to get his autobiography published, but he needs help. His project, co-written by Kenny Casanova, has a Kickstarter page. Any donations or even signal boosts would be appreciated. For those who may not know, Harris has been battling diabetes for the last couple of years, and recently has had to have his foot amputated. Getting his memoirs out to the public would help him live an easier retirement as well as provide some pretty good stories. He's been all around the country wrestling for some of the most interesting territories/promotions out there. Give him a hand, won't you?