Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ray Rowe Injured and Other Inspire Pro-Related News

Rowe will miss a bunch of time thanks to his broken arm
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Via ROH Wrestling

Ring of Honor has announced that Ray Rowe will miss significant time due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. The most serious injury is a broken arm that will require rehabilitation and surgery to fix. Rowe has been rising up the ranks in ROH in a tag team with Hanson known as War Machine. He is a considerably bigger star in his current home base state of Texas, where he was scheduled to wrestle "One Man" Mike Dell for the Inspire Pro Championship at the promotion's next event. Obviously, the injury throws a spanner into the works of many different promotions, but the most important thing is that Rowe convalesces completely and is able to return to doing whatever it is he chooses to do. From the sounds of it, he is raring to get back into the ring.

In other Inspire Pro news, ring announcer, With Spandex/Leather chieftain, and friend of the blog Brandon Stroud is not taking his current spate of death threats against his person from one Lance Hoyt laying down. While he admits that he can do all of nothing against the former WWE and current New Japan superstar that would harm him, he's still not turning tail and running away. For his sake, I hope he pulls a Tyrion Lannister and gets a champion worthy of fighting for him against the hulking brute who apparently missed the entire lesson on how not to be a bully. The full video can be seen below.