Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Your Midweek Links: John Cena's Title Bookends

John Cena won and lost a variant of the WWE World Championship 15 times
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It's hump day, so here are some links to get you through the rest of the week:

Wrestling Links:

- A brief review of every single John Cena title victory [International Object]

- Ranking John Cena's 15 title losses by how much they made us squeal with glee [With Spandex]

- Wrestlespective Radio Episode 200: John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar, Extreme Rules 2012 [Voices of Wrestling]

- SummerSlam: What We Learned [SB Nation]

- The Best and Worst of SummerSlam [With Spandex]

- Who is Mr. SummerSlam? [Voices of Wrestling]

- The NXT Factor [Irresistible vs. Immovable]

- The Best and Worst of RAW: It's for Charity [With Spandex]

- Seven Things: The worst #IfIWasBookingRAW tweets [Wrestling on Earth]

- Jimmy Hart talks about "Sexy Boy," his proudest creation [SB Nation]

- The Grantland Dictionary: Pro Wrestling Edition [Grantland]

- Ladybeard is a pretty pinup model and wrestler [Kotaku]

- The Hardy Boyz vs. the Briscoes from OMEGA's Chaos in Cameron [Free Pro Wrestling]

- TNA Impact (August 14) Review [Voices of Wrestling]

- The Best and Worst of Impact: Fake Cops, Real Trouble [With Spandex]

- Facts from TNA's British Boot Camp season 2 [The Only Way Is Suplex]

- Why do UK fans love TNA so much? [Voices of Wrestling]

- Inside the bizarre world of catering for WWE [First We Feast]

- Wrestling with Food: Kevin Steen's Chicken and Pea Pou-Steen [Wrestling on Earth]

Non-Wrestling Links:

- Cop pens touching op-ed: "Do everything I say and I won't kill you" [Gawker]

- You have a right to record the police [The Verge]

- Don't call the police militarized, the military is better than this [Gawker]

- This is why Anonymous shouldn't hijack protest movements [The Verge]

- Noor Inayat, the Spy Princess [Rejected Princesses]

- Hey Ladies! Being a woman is easy, deal with it [Gawker]

- How to college football-grieve: a guide [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

- NFL Regression Party! Which teams will disappoint this year? [Grantland]

- The NFL needs Johnny [Good Bull Hunting]

- Stop flipping out about Johnny Manziel's middle finger [With Leather]

- The Morning Constitutional: Games that won't be appearing on the SEC Network [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

- Who said it, a coach or a dictator? [SB Nation]

- Frozen, starring Bo Pelini [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

- How to cook pork belly, which kicks bacon's ass [Foodspin]

- Actually, here's a good ranking of fruits [Foodspin]

- This isn't your club's year: A preview of the 2014-15 Barclay's Premiere League [Screamer]

- No one expected this Pokemon to win the Championship [Pocket Monster]

- The Taney Dragons and soft sexism [The Good Phight]

- Six wishes for the new MLB commish [Sports on Earth]

- The eight most disappointing final seasons of once-good TV shows [Warming Glow]