Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Inspire Pro Wrestling Is Bringing Out the HOSS

Big Daddy Yum Yum is throwing down the HOSS gauntlet
Photo Credit: Jon-paul Luis le Blanc/Inspire Pro's site
Via Inspire Pro's Site

Inspire Pro Wrestling's next show, Battle Wars, is already notable because the stars of Chikara will be invading Texas and mixing it up with the stalwards in the NWA's hottest new outpost. However, "Big Daddy Yum Yum" himself, Byron Wilcott has upped the stakes. The NWA North American Champion will be competing in a non-title exhibition called the HOSS BOWL. Basically, Wilcott wants to throw down against the meanest, roughest, girthiest, strongest competitors Inspire Pro has to offer. The pendulum has swung completely the other way from the '90s and '00s, where junior heavyweight divisions were all the rage. Absolute Intense Wrestling has a #HOSS Division Championship, and Leonard F. Chikarason has been bringing it up on Chikara commentary. But Wilcott is taking the initiative down in Texas.

Competing in this inaugural festival of HOSSINESS against Wilcott will be Moonshine Mantell, James Claxton, and Jake Dirden. Mantell is the only completely foreign name to me, and he checks in as the shortest and lightest competitor in the match. However, his agility may be his greatest asset, especially since he's spent months training at the Kaientai Dojo. Claxton is a Texas staple, having competed all across the state, and he'll bring the experience. Dirden made a big splash in his Inspire debut, and he has experience hossing it up in Japan and for Metro Pro Wrestling. Whatever happens in this match, the results ought to sate the growing demand for HOSS FIGHTS on an independent level.

But the above excitement for really big dudes slapping against each other like elephant seals shouldn't dampen the other major big thing happening at this show on October 5. King of Trios was just this past weekend, so the specter of how tremendously entertaining Chikara can be should still be fresh in everyone's minds. Silver Ant, Fire Ant, Dasher Hatfield, and Grand Champion Icarus will be making the trek down to Austin as competitors, while Bryce Remsburg will make his Inspire Pro debut and Texas return pounding the mat and maintaining order. In fact, if miss The Wrestling Podcast and want to hear Remsburg talk about things upcoming, check out the Wrestling Mayhem Show with Friend of the Blog and Voice of Inspire Pro Wrestling, Eamon Paton. DO IT.