Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Do Farmer Frogs Dream of Electric Amphibians?

Is anything as real as a dream?
Photo Credit: Zia Hiltey
The Estonian Farmer Frog saga has taken a turn for the bizarre as he released a curious video on his YouTube page. As it turns out, being an agriculturally inclined anthropomorphic amphibian allows that being to video tape his or her dreams and post them to YouTube. This dream featured the Farmer Frog battling with a familiar face, or maybe he was wrestling with... himself?

One could interpret the video in many different ways. Is the Thunder Frog dead and haunting the current Farmer incarnation? Does the battle within continue to rage? Was the dream set to a Sia song because no one has ever seen her real face either? Furthermore, if the Thunder Frog is still alive somewhere, could other departed Chikara spirits also be restless and looking to come back? The Latvian Proud Oak, Archibald Peck, Kobald, and various Wrestle Factory trainees have all been lost to the void. Additionally, Tursas has popped back up in Beyond Wrestling after he met his fate from the business end of the Thunder Frog's hammer. Then again, I'm not sure how much continuity Beyond and Chikara share with each other, although it is enough that the two promotions will be teaming up to run a FĂȘte Music tripleheader on July 26.

It was once said that in comic books, only Bucky Barnes ever stayed dead, and even that maxim was proven false when he popped back up as The Winter Soldier. Of all the wrestling promotions out there, Chikara's ethos is most like a comic book, so it should follow that no one in the Chikaraverse is truly "dead." That goes for everyone from the big guys like Peck and the Frog down to the seemingly minor characters like even the Brown Morning of Belarus. If the endgame with this Farmer Frog stuff is bringing the Thunder Frog back to life, then it will set a tone for the rest of the reanimated should they come back. But then again, if and when they do come back, how will their minds be? I still think a Chikara Zombies story is not only on the table, but could very well be on the horizon for Season 16. The question is who will be the ones to lead them into battle? My guess is that the veritable "Black Hand" may be moving more than just corpses at the present time. You guys do know that Hallowicked and Frightmare answer to an unknown master, right?

ETA: Apparently, another reanimated being, the aforementioned Tursas, has caught wind of the Frog's reappearance, and guess what, he's still got a stick in his craw over that whole being hammered into the void thing:
To be absolutely fair, I really don't blame him, either. Sounds like the demons are awakening in Chikara. I'm scared and excited at the same time.