Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Who Won Sting/Triple H? Obviously, Kevin Nash

Big Kev had him a Mania, didn't he
Photo Credit: WWE.com 
While Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall made bigger waves for taking bumps on the floor despite their perceived physical conditions, it was Kevin Nash who ruled the day among the New World Order cavalry that came to back Sting up at WrestleMania. I don't know how many people caught it - I know I missed it on first go-around - but when Billy Gunn trucked him, Nash fell to the ground and in a moment of self-awareness, clutched his famously-much torn quadriceps muscle, as captured in this mini-video captured by @Connox94.

Nash had a response to the whole thing himself, which he posted on his Twitter:
If nothing else, no one can accuse Nash of not having a sense of humor, at least in this scenario. The match itself seemed to inspire a lot of strong reactions, but even the most ardent and stringent haters of it (read, me) definitely had a chance to find some classic nuggets of nostalgia. Nash playing into his injury history may be a bit morbid to some, but he at least is aware of his lot in life.