Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Redditor Accuses Vince McMahon of Going Blind

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Via Reddit

Crack member of the major pro wrestling subforum on Reddit (whose account has mysteriously been deleted) has deduced that Vince McMahon is going blind because he needed flashlights to get from underneath the RAW stage to Gorilla at RAW last night. WWE has categorically denied this, sending a stern private message to this genius saying that he was engaging in defamation of character. However, the post has remained on r/SquaredCircle as one just "can't take legal action based off of what [he] saw with [his] own eyes."

Of course, McMahon can just be hard of seeing because of his old age. He could be getting some cataract action going on, or maybe he just has so much on his plate that a man at the nice old age of 69 just shouldn't be taking on. But what if McMahon was going blind? It would explain a lot of things. For example, some of the suits he's busted out on TV in the last couple of years could only have been okayed by a blind person. And a lack of vision could very well be the cause of his pushing of certain wrestlers despite their crowd reactions. Noise is an indicator, but maybe if McMahon were able to see the looks on the fans faces, he'd know they were angry.

But the major culprit for his blindness could be a rare disorder called Macular Degeneration-X. The only reason he keeps revisiting the Attitude Era because that's all he can see anymore. The poor guy, he may be in the final stages and he just doesn't even know it.

Of course, if McMahon REALLY is going blind, then I feel bad for him, especially since he doesn't "believe" in getting sick and wouldn't get it treated by a doctor anyway. But the firsthand account of some dude dumb enough to go right to Reddit with this "scoop" based on shoddy observations isn't going to sway me on a dude's medical condition, even one as old as McMahon.

And just for posterity, just in case the post DOES get taken down, here's what it says in its entirety:
Edit: I was just contacted by someone who says they work for the WWE and unless I take this post down, they'd take legal action for "defamation of character" as apparently, there is not truth to my story at all about Vince going blind. I'm not deleting anything. You can't take legal action based off of what I saw with my own eyes.

Edit(2): The message I was sent

Original: Tonight, Vince made a special appearance here in Montreal for the Pat Patterson appreciation night thing they were doing and I noticed something quite odd. Vince needed to follow a spot light to the ring in order to know where he was going. I didn't think anything of it at first and thought it was just a lighting effect for his entrance. So he follows the spotlight and then there's a crew a member who's directing him to the ring from a distance, making hand motions and pointing to various things so Vince doesn't bump into stuff I guess. Once again I thought nothing of it and figured maybe he's just making sure Vince doesn't trip over any camera cords.

So Vince is done with his speech and he exits the ring. He stands there then slowly paces towards the stage and looks over his shoulder for a crew member. Two of them rush towards him and began to beam pocket flashlights to the floor for Vince to follow. Once again they cautiously guide him to gorilla using the floor beams from their flashlights. He then ducks under the right platform of the Raw stage and goes to the back still with assistance. One thing though, Vince carries himself as if nothing is wrong. His demeanor and stance would make you think otherwise but it was clear that he's going blind or has limited vision at this point in his life. No one else needed assistance. Ambrose took the same exist and did fine on his own and so did Sami. Various other crew members took the exist with no problem/assistance and plus Vince was the only one with a spotlight during his entrance.

He looks very tired in person and you can tell he's a very very hard working guy both physically and mentally. It was my first time ever seeing him in real life.