Thursday, May 7, 2015

WWE Dot Com Has Discovered the How Old Meme

Poor Snitsky
Photo via

Usually, WWE is behind the times on things that show up in popular culture, even if the company appropriates that outdated moment well (see Batista's Kanyeing at the Slammy Awards during his super douchebag phase in 2010). So, when the folks over at the dot com show up doing a gallery of pics ran through the How Old meme generator, well, it comes as a shock. Sure, Vince McMahon probably has no idea about 85% of the shit that goes on the website, and the platform probably has more than a few tech-and-culture savvy folks on staff.

Some of those ages are a bit harsh, like above with Snitsky. The poor guy has gotten dumped on enough, whether rightfully so or unwarranted, but having a face from his 20s or 30s come up as 70? The algorithm is cold, but you'd have to be even colder to POST unflattering results. So, in the interest of fairplay, I am going to put Joey Styles, the guy in charge of the website right now, through the ringer:

Okay, that's a recent picture, and it's only 11 years off. Let's try a classic ECW picture...

HAHA, TAKE THAT YOU BABYFACED SON OF A... ahem, sorry. I got a bit carried away there. Anyway, one other thing that bothers me here is that this app conveniently leaves out Rick Rude's age. Maybe it didn't want to invite haunting from beyond the grave. Rude's ghost is probably really sexy, so of course he'd want to protect his image. Good call, app.

Anyway, you can see the whole gallery by clicking the link at the top of the page. None of the pictures are too controversial, but it's still funny to see WWE discover things as they're hot rather than months or even years later. I mean, if the rumors are right, Vince McMahon's plan for a Lana face turn involves hearkening back to fuckin' Baywatch. Stay woke, y'all.