Friday, June 5, 2015

Celebrate Five Years of Metro Pro Wrestling Tomorrow

Dreamer will be heading to KCK for the big show
Photo Credit: Lee South/Impact
Metro Pro Wrestling, Kansas City's premiere indie wrestling company, will be celebrating its fifth anniversary tomorrow night at the Turner Rec Center on the Kansas side of things. The doors will open at 6:15 PM local time with a 7 PM bell. Five years open is a good run for any indie company, especially one like Metro Pro that was in danger of closing for good. However, it's come back strong and continued to provide the area with quality independent wrestling to go with its world class barbecue.

Helping the company on its birthday will be hardcore legend and ECW original Tommy Dreamer. He'll be coming in to take on the "World's Fittest Wrestler" Mark Sterling, a part of Metro's fine core of native wrestlers, in the main event. Dreamer may have put his foot in his mouth lately, but he's still an able performer in the ring, and someone whose legend is deserved. Sterling will be taking on the role of Jeremy Wyatt on this show. Wyatt spent a good portion of 2013 as Metro Pro Champion welcoming challenges from all across the country. Speaking of the  man, he will be in action on this card too.

The other big match of note will be an eight man tag match, putting the Cobra Kai Dojo (Mat Fitchett and Davey Vega) and the Commission (Mr. Abernathy and Gary Jay) together to take on the King Brothers and the American Bulldogs. While the members of the former team are no strangers to teaming together elsewhere as part of the Submission Squad, they've been heated rivals in Metro Pro Wrestling recently. However, they will band together to take on the Kings and Bulldogs, especially since they took out Abernathy's regular partner, Mr. Gelistico.

Other wrestlers of note appearing on the show will be Metro Pro Champion Derek Stone, Bolt Brady, D'Arcy Dixon, and a special guest interviewer who has been in WWE but has not appeared yet for Metro Pro. Even if most of the wrestlers don't ring a bell, you really need to be at the Turner Rec Center tomorrow. Metro Pro brings the goods with solid, old-school action featuring modern wrestlers. Help it celebrate five years in the books and support it so that it can celebrate five more years and more.