Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cody Rhodes' Eulogy for His Father

Cody's eulogy is a must-read
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Dusty Rhodes' funeral was yesterday. He was laid to rest in a mostly private ceremony attended by family, friends, and colleagues. Media control by WWE was pretty stringent out of respect to the Runnells family. However, one of his eulogists was his son, Cody. The "Cody Rhodes" persona, which has been morphed and changed so much in even his short career, has been lost to the aether, giving way to Stardust. But an eloquent human being exists under the veil of madness. He posted the transcript of his eulogy on Twitter:

It's quite long, and I'm afraid I don't have the patience to transcribe it on here. But the choicest line from the entire thing described the best part of Dusty Rhodes. "He wanted to take your pain and make it your power." How amazing is to have that quality laid at your doorstep. Rhodes didn't live his gimmick; his gimmick was himself. His son saw that. I hope he can at least find comfort that he is not the only one mourning his father, that Big Dust touched so many lives. But no one ever takes losing a parent that easily. I hope he, Dustin, and all the rest of Dusty's kids can find some kind of peace right now.