Friday, June 5, 2015

FOLLOW-UP: The Graduation Stunner Kids Had Their Diplomas Revoked

Photo Credit:
Via With Spandex

So yesterday, I ran an article about kids who pantomimed a Stone Cold Stunner on stage at their graduation. As fate would have it, the principal of the high school from which they were set to graduate didn't think the stunt funny because it made a mockery of the ceremony or some stodgy, total old, white, shitlord reason, and he withheld the kids diplomas. I wonder if you have to have the part of your brain that processes fun or empathy or your sense of humor to be a high school principal, because honestly, I don't know either of those kids (identified as Nicholas Dean and Joseph Castro), and I am stark-raving angry on their behalves. Anyway, the diplomas are being withheld until a parents' meeting next week, a meeting in which I hope three of the parties involved give the principal and all parties involved in keeping these kids from getting their diplomas Shield triple-team powerbombs through press tables.

Dean and Castro are surprisingly chilled out about the whole thing, which is not surprising given that they were laid back enough to actually pull off the Stunner on stage at their high school graduation. I would take going viral and having something I did pop thousands of people over getting my diploma on time too. And hey, maybe the reaction from the Miami Southwest HS brass was the goal. Steve Austin, the man who made the move bonkers famous in America, spent the bulk of his WWE career not playing nice with management. These kids captured not only the movement and the mechanics of the move, but the spirit of it too. They are the truest, American heroes, and I salute them.