Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Cold-Blooded Sausage Maker

The cold-blooded sausage maker wrangling up one of them piggies
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Tully Blanchard, once upon a time, ran rampant over the National Wrestling Alliance with the turncoat Baby Doll by his side. His reign of terror affected many wrestlers, such as Magnum TA and Johnny Valiant. Well, Dusty Rhodes wasn't having any of that noise. No-sir-ee, he was going to put a stop to Blanchard's evil ways, so he was coming for him. He recounted the tale of a ghastly figure who stole up the piggies and made sausage out of them. In the story about the "cold-blooded sausage maker" that Rhodes told to his youngest daughter, Daddy Dust would always come out to save the day and save the piggies. But in this story, that sausage maker WAS Rhodes. He was the good guy.

Any other wrestler may not have been able to make such a silly phrase work as a serious way to put himself over as a threat, but Rhodes wasn't any other wrestler. He broke a little at the end, and maybe he and his buddies in the locker room had a good laugh about it. But the magic that Rhodes brought to the game was that he made any material work. The man was a magician. Watch the promo below.