Thursday, June 25, 2015

The "Too Sweet" Hand Gesture Is Important to Hinduism

Nick Jackson doing the "Too Sweet" or making an ancient Hindu yogic gesture?
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
Via Stuff to Blow Your Mind

My friend Robert Lamb is a quirky individual, but a life-long wrestling fan and a really sharp mind. If you've heard that name before, he was the mind behind the Adventures of the nWo B-Team back in the day. Now, he writes a blog about the science behind things both plebeian and fantastical, Stuff to Blow Your Mind. The latest post talks about a pro wrestling hand gesture which has roots in that same nWo.

The "Too Sweet" hand gesture is rooted in the history of the Monday Night Wars era, but it has been co-opted by the current nWo cover band masquerading as a stable in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and wherever its members happen to work, the Bullet Club. As fate would have it, the gesture has its roots in Indian and Japanese religion. I won't spoil the post for you, because I really want you to give Lamb your clicks. However, I will say that if the gesture has the sort of properties that its various religious practices purport it to, then all Bullet Club members will live long, toxin-free lives.

Then again, Jim Cornette has just joined the GFW arm of the stable, and that dude is pretty toxic, so yeah...