Wednesday, August 26, 2015

From the Archives: Devastation Corporation vs. The Baltic Siege

Whet your appetite for Trios with this match from WiF in 2014
Photo Credit: Scott Finkelstein
King of Trios is right around the corner, and I hope everyone is in the mood for some rowdy six-man action. Chikara is going to present 15 trios bouts over the course of Labor Day weekend, and at least one of them will feature the team that won last year's tournament, the Devastation Corporation. Even though the fans are supposed to hate the brutish knaves and their sleazy manager Sidney Bakabella with every fiber of their being, I have an appreciation for their HOSS POWERS, and I'd love to see them make another deep run this year if just for the matches. The following match isn't a KOT encounter, but it pits the burly bruisers against the dearly departed Latvian Proud Oak, the possibly reborn-as-a-farmer Estonian Thunder Frog, and the currently enslaved Lithuanian Snow Troll in the currently dormant (defunct?) Wrestling Is Fun! promotion. Check it out!