Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ouch, Sasha, Ouch

These two had a tour de force that almost took a turn
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The Sasha Banks vs. Bayley match is on a short list of best matches of not only the year, but also the decade so far. It has even been called the best American women's match of all-time by some, which is not undeserved even if it totally discounts the indie scene on the whole. The match wasn't without its hairy moments though. The first one came when Bayley took a pretty gnarly bump off the top on a mistimed counter, but she thankfully landed somewhat flat. The other big bump came when Bayley gave Banks the super poisoned hurricanrana. The camera angle on television didn't seem so bad. However, the following angle showed a more precarious angle at which Banks landed on the bump:

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Sasha Banks landed with the top of her head flush to the canvas, and yet she escaped mostly unscathed. Honestly, she lucked out on that landing, and thank God she did. It would have been truly awful to have seen her suffer a debilitating injury in what has been the paramount of her career so far, a career that has routinely included epic matches such as these. Incidents like these go to show that you can try to protect your opponent as much as possible, but sometimes, shit just happens. Thankfully, it appears to have looked worse than it actually turned out.