Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Houston Texans Are Too Sweet to Be Sour... DIG IT

You'd think Randy Savage were still alive if you listened to Sean Hayes do his impression
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WWE has two reality shows in its purview, but would you believe the greatest wrestling-related moment on reality television happened on the National Football League's in-house serial? Hard Knocks follows around a NFL team during training camp to film them and then televises the footage on HBO. This year's team is the Houston Texans, and so far, real life has given the show a lot of material with which to work. The biggest nugget has been the joint practice with Washington's team that turned in four huge brawls. However, the one most germane to this blog happens to feature a coach doing a highly pertinent impression.

Sean Hayes is the assistant coach for strength and conditioning, but vocally, he is also a dead ringer for "The Macho Man" Randy Savage. The below clip shows him off in the locker room holding court as the late, great wrestling icon:

After that tape leaked, I'd be shocked if Vince McMahon didn't call up the Texans organization and ask someone if he could borrow Hayes to give Damien Sandow some pointers. I was astounded at how tone-perfect his impression was. If I closed my eyes, I'd have thought Savage was right there standing next to Mean Gene Okerlund again. You never know who might be a wrestling fan among a crowd of people, but sometimes, the ones who are can surprise you with how into it they are.

h/t Brandon Stroud/With Spandex