Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Multiple Sandow Personality Disorder Has Returned to the Default Factory Settings

The robes are back, at least during dark matches
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Damien Sandow has been a cosplayer, a stunt double, a jerk, and a really bad "Macho Man" Randy Savage ever since he failed in his Money in the Bank cash-in attempt on John Cena in late 2013. Basically, his career has been both a study in how to absolutely waste a money gimmick played by a fantastic character and a display of how to take the basest, shittiest WWE comedy shtick and get it over like it was no thang. Of course, his run as one-half of the Meta Powers was derailed when his tag team partner's choice of imitation, Curtis Axel as Hulk Hogan, got thrown the fuck out of WWE thanks to a racist rant that floated to the surface as part of his ongoing legal battles with Gawker Media.

Sandow was left in limbo until a dark match at last night's Smackdown tapings in Little Rock. He came out in his blue robes, pink tights, black pads, and white boots, and he worked a match against another developmental stalwart-turned-tragic main roster figure working a new gimmick, Adam Rose. The funny thing was that Sandow worked the match as a babyface and dubbed himself as the "Voice of Common Sense" rather than the "Intellectual Savior of the Masses."

I don't know how I feel about the alignment shift, because it might take a lot of the teeth out of that actual character, which is one I thought had potential enough to be "headline WrestleMania" hot. However, Sandow seems like he has the juice to make anything work. Who knows if this return to form will even make it back to television. WWE feels like it has plans for a certain number of guys, and everyone else is fighting for a limited number of bones. Sandow is in that larger group, which is a shame, because he definitely could make a difference if given a steady gig, even if it was just in the lower midcard. WWE's corporate structure has made it easier and easier for guys to get lost in the shuffle. It's a reality not only in modern wrestling, but in modern American business. It's a shame, but hopefully, Sandow can break the mold and get to a place where he can contribute weekly before his career leaves completely leaves its prime.