Monday, September 28, 2015

Your Daily New Day Roundup

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The New Day is obviously the best thing going in WWE right now. They are in the highlight segment on RAW and theoretically Smackdown (I would have to watch SD to make that judgment), and their pay-per-view matches are consistently among the best on any show with which they are involved. However, the group has routinely become the most entertaining portions outside the show too, whether on Twitter, Vine, or YouTube. At the risk of The Wrestling Blog becoming The New Day Blog, I will share their latest exploits.

The first involves an actual opportunity for you, yes YOU, to finally purchase New Day socks:
They're not on sale yet, but I'm pretty sure when they do go on sale, WWE Shop will sell out of them quicker than tickets for Takeover: Brooklyn went. I might buy a pair, and I'm usually a mono-color, plain sock kinda person. THE POWER OF POSITIVITY COMPELS ME.

Honestly, I was moved when I first heard the dulcet notes of Sarah McLachlan's "In the Arms of the Angels." What New Day is doing right now is so, so, so far above what anyone else is doing in WWE that it's not even funny anymore. You can help them out though, by signing the Save the Tables petition. I once was a man who wanted to see the wanton destruction of tables at the hands of the Dudley Boys, BUT NO MORE! I want to live in a world with tables. I stand with the New Day.