Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Emma's Egg Muffins

She can't dance, but she can cook
Photo Credit: WWE.com
The first episode of Taste of Tenille, the cooking show featuring WWE superstar Emma (Tenille Tayla), dropped yesterday, and it gave a little bit of insight into what the currently evil NXT overlord (overlady?) will be serving up on YouTube. The first dish she served up for the masses was a thing called "egg muffins." Obviously, when one thinks of the words "egg" and "muffin" together, the thoughts usually roam towards McDonald's signature breakfast item, the Egg McMuffin. However, nary an English muffin is in sight in Emma's kitchen. In fact, she touts the dish as high-protein, low-fat, and low-carb. Check it out after the jump:

Obviously, one doesn't get a rockin' body like Emma has from eating cheeseburgers and Doritos all day, so the first dish was made with body consciousness in mind. However, she dropped hints throughout that while she eats clean most of the time that her heart lies in a more "comfortable" area. And those egg muffins looked legit at least. She looks to be as adept in the kitchen as she is in the ring, which should make Taste of Tenille worth watching in the future. Hopefully, other wrestlers take the cue and start disclosing their cooking habits in the same way everyone jumped on the wrestler podcast bandwagon when Steve Austin took his cue from Colt Cabana. I want my wrestler episode of Chopped, dammit.