Monday, October 12, 2015

The Kayfabe-Breakingest Wedding Engagement Ever

Those crazy kids...
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Lana and Rusev were not only an unbeatable combo in the ring, but they've been and continue to be an item outside of it. Of course, their breakup inside the WWE's narrative has put a kibosh on their lovey-doviness on Instagram and the like because God forbid anyone breaks kayfabe even though it's common knowledge that the whole thing is staged and that the personalities are actors. Well, they couldn't hide behind the veil too much longer because the Bulgarian Brute wants the Ravishing Russian to make an honest man of him. Yep, he proposed, and she accepted, and, *sigh* TMZ had the exclusive story.

If you believed everything you read in various dirtsheets, rumor sites, and cut-and-paste outfits, then you might have thought their pure love was in danger. Vince McMahon was at one point rumored to have wanted to break the couple up to go with their on-screen split. Honestly though, while I believe McMahon to be eccentric and a labor-abusing slavedriver, I don't think he's cruel enough to want to squelch true love. Of course, the engagement announcement comes on the heels of another proposal, from Summer Rae on RAW last Monday. The turn was the latest in a bizarre story that has served as the A+ reason why WWE should maybe not do romantic stories anymore.

Still, whether it means the on-screen reunion of Rusev and Lana, an act that should never have been broken up in the first place, happens or not, it's still awesome to see true love blossom and bloom. Here's to a happy engagement and a wonderful marriage to those crazy kids.